The State of Nissan’s Sedan Lineup

September 15th, 2023 by

Nissan of Fort Pierce 2023 Nissan Altima

Photo Source: NISSAN

The sedan segment continues to shrink in the United States, with nearly every automaker prioritizing SUVs and pickup trucks over sedans. Now, two more sedans are reportedly going to disappear soon. According to Automotive News, the Nissan Altima and Versa will be discontinued after the 2025 model year. The publication does not cite any sources about the future of the Altima and Versa, but according to a future product line, both sedans are missing from it. Nissan recently discontinued the Maxima as well, which means that the brand will no longer offer a gasoline-powered sedan after the Altima and Versa disappear.

As a matter of fact, Car and Driver reached out to Nissan to confirm the Automotive News report, and a spokesperson replied with the following statement: “We are continuing to invest in the sedan segment to offer our customers great-looking cars equipped with convenient, entertaining and safety-enhancing technologies. As we accelerate towards realizing Nissan’s Ambition 2030 vision we have many exciting plans in development, but we don’t have anything to share at this time.”

The Popularity of Sedans

There has been a recent decline in the popularity of sedans, but it cannot be denied that these cars have better driving dynamics due to their lower center of gravity. This was also evident with the Nissan Altima. For example, in previous years, it was the second-best-selling vehicle from Nissan, with a total of 139,955 units sold. In the first half of 2023, it still held second place in terms of sales, outselling Nissan’s other offerings in the likes of the Frontier, Kicks, and Pathfinder. As such, this makes enthusiasts skeptical about the manufacturer’s decision to discontinue some of its best-selling vehicles without having any plans.

As mentioned, Nissan does not have any official word regarding the topic, and the company’s spokesperson could not confirm the future of the sedans. That said, the spokesperson declared that Nissan will continue to contribute to sedans. Thus, considering the sales figures and performance, the Altima will be relevant in the coming future.

The Fate of Other Automobiles

Nissan will discontinue the Maxima after the 2023 model year. The writing is on the wall for the Japanese automaker’s Titan pickup as well. The full-size truck will end production at the Canton assembly plant in Mississippi sometime in the summer of 2024, leaving the Frontier to soldier on alone. Nissan’s midsize truck will allegedly be replaced by an electric take on the Frontier in 2029, likely for the 2030 model year. 

Automotive News further understands that Nissan’s Maxima, Altima, and Versa are getting discontinued in favor of an electric sedan, which is expected to drop sometime in 2026. According to Nissan, however, two electric vehicles will begin production at the Canton assembly plant sometime during 2025, probably as 2026 models. One of those zero-emission vehicles is a Nissan, whereas the other will be marketed by Infiniti. Under the Ambition 2030 electrification strategy, the Japanese automaker intends to launch 27 electrified vehicles by fiscal year 2030, of which 19 are full-electric vehicles.

Interestingly, even though the Maxima will soon end production, a Nissan spokesperson provided Car and Driver with a curious statement about staying “tuned for future Nissan Maxima news,” alluding to a positive outlook for the car in the age of electrification.

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