The Nissan Ariya has Premium Touches for the Price

October 14th, 2023 by

Nissan of Fort Pierce 2023 Nissan Ariya

Photo Source: NISSAN

Nissan knows a thing or two about assembling electric vehicles. After all, the automaker has been doing that for over a decade. Its first vehicle, the Nissan Leaf, was revolutionary in its time, and at one point was the best-selling electric vehicle in the world. With this next-generation electric vehicle–the Ariya–Nissan is truly demonstrating what it can do. Replete with state-of-the-art technology and advanced features, the Ariya represents a significant improvement over the Leaf and a compelling option for anyone looking to go electric with the brand. 

Design Aesthetic

Electric vehicles of all types need minimal cooling compared to their internal combustion counterparts, meaning that the front end does not need a massive “grill” opening as is traditionally seen. This allows manufacturers freedom and flexibility when it comes to design and styling, to make the front fascia of the vehicle unique and attractive, while also functional and aerodynamically efficient. 

Nissan placed a patterned design element into the front of the vehicle underneath a clear plastic that gives depth and a dynamic aesthetic to the grille. The design is intended to mimic the style of a Japanese lantern and is repeated a few times throughout the vehicle. One other notable design feature is the placement of large LED daytime running lights that accent the edges of the grille area.

One of the most noteworthy features of the front of the automobile is functional, not aesthetic. On the very edges of the bumper, there are small vertical openings that collect air coming off the front of the vehicle and direct it to create an “air curtain” around the front wheels and tires. This improves aerodynamic efficiency.

Interior Style

Nissan design head Alfonso Albaisa explained the manufacturer’s desire to represent timeless Japanese futurism inside the Ariya: “We figured out that by moving major components into the front of the car that we had this amazing open space, and naturally, because we’re a Japanese car company, you get these notions of Zen.” He added, “At the same time, we were dreaming of this Japanese futurism.” 

The idea is characterized by a distinctive approach conveyed in a simple yet powerfully modern way. The interior of the Ariya features a minimalist design with high-quality materials and finishes throughout. The spacious cabin offers ample legroom and headroom for both front and rear occupants, making it a comfortable ride for longer journeys. The layout of the cabin is intuitive and user-friendly, with controls that are simple to use and within easy reach.

Advanced Driver Safety Features

What sets the Nissan Ariya apart from most of the competition is its cutting-edge technology. Even on the lower trim levels, the Ariya has abundant technological features that make it a truly remarkable vehicle. For example, the Empower+ trim is well equipped with numerous features that make driving safer, easier, and more comfortable. 

Drivers can swiftly adapt to utilizing the head-up display, one of the most pragmatic elements available. Navigational instructions, speed, and especially alerts and information about the ProPILOT system are visible directly on the windshield. This allows customers to keep their eyes on the road without overlooking crucial information.

Cost of the Ariya

As tested, the Ariya in Empower+ trim has a starting price tag of $59,495 MSRP (Plus destination fee). It is worth noting, however, that various other electric vehicles at similar price points are significantly lacking the technology that is included. One thing is for sure, the Ariya is a massive improvement over the Nissan Leaf. The Leaf, while revolutionary in its time, quickly aged and fell technologically behind compared to other available electric vehicle options. 

With the Ariya, Nissan eliminated their attachment to the CHAdeMO charging plug, which was not widely adopted for the North American market, and also made the pivotal choice to cool the battery with liquid cooling rather than rely on air cooling. The Ariya has a greater range and charges more quickly than the Leaf.

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