The Hyper Force: Nissan’s Rendering of an Electric Sports Car

January 19th, 2024 by

Nissan of Fort Pierce 2023 Nissan Hyper Force

Photo Source: NISSAN

The Nissan GT-R traces its roots back to 2001 with the Skyline GT-R concept. Despite its venerable age, the Japanese supercar had an exceptional 2023 when sales shot up in the United States. Still, the R35 generation is in dire need of a replacement. To that end, it appears that an all-electric Nissan GT-R may be on its way. One of the Japanese automaker’s design directors, Giovanny Arroba, recently told Autocar that the company is interested in putting the Hyper Force concept into production. Indeed, the futuristic speed machine–which several enthusiasts have viewed as a preview of a battery-powered GT-R–could be here as soon as 2030.

At the Japan Mobility Show in October 2023, Nissan even hinted at the prospect of a next-generation vehicle. This spectacular Hyper Force was a breathtaking addition to the presentation in Tokyo with its awe-inspiring design and the promise of 1,341 horsepower. It boasted front and rear motors, butterfly doors, all-wheel drive, and a strategically pixelated GT-R logo. Sources indicate that although Arroba did not refer to it as the electric Nissan GT-R, “he pointed out that the logo on the front of the concept was blurred for a reason.”

Accomplishing the Dream

Nissan referred to the Hyper Force as a daring but tangible dream to achieve by the end of the decade. Apparently, the proportions, shapes, and stance of the vehicle are not based on pure fantasy. For example, the Hyper Force has two driving modes, one of which is the R or the racing mode that bathes the cabin in red light and extends panels on the dashboard toward the driver’s seat to enhance the feeling of being in a cockpit. Meanwhile, in GT or grand touring mode, all the screens and panels glow blue and move away from the driver’s seat.

That said, Nissan previously announced the plan is to wait for solid-state batteries to reach maturity before launching an electric GT-R. Even though the Hyper Force had a dual-motor setup, the manufacturer has not ruled out the possibility of integrating a third or even a fourth motor in the R36. Rumors also suggest the notion of a cutting-edge Nismo iteration that would have a smaller battery to reduce weight.

Solid-State Batteries are Essential

Nissan has claimed that an electric vehicle with solid-state batteries will be launched in the 2028 model year. The company pledged that all-solid-state batteries will triple charging speeds, double energy density, and cut production costs in half compared to current lithium-ion batteries. Complexity could be significantly reduced with all-solid-state batteries, as these batteries skip the liquid used in current lithium-ion batteries in favor of a solid electrolyte. Not only is that neither flammable nor volatile–bypassing the potential for unintended battery ignition notorious in electric vehicle fires–the solid electrolyte also has higher temperature limits, which means all-solid-state battery-equipped cars can support higher sustained fast-charging rates. Moreover, since all liquid elements will be removed from the batteries, utilizing the new technology will also make it more feasible to launch large electric SUVs and pickup trucks.

Arroba declared that the Hyper Force concept “gives a glimpse” of what an electric GT-R could be. Granted, if his timeline is correct, we should learn more about a production Hyper Force, including if it is in fact the next-generation GT-R, soon. If you are anticipating an electrified “Godzilla,” please come visit Nissan of Fort Pierce. We are happy to be your dealership home. While you wait for the new GT-R, are you considering a used vehicle? We have a wide array for you to choose from.