The Front-to-Back Renewal of the Nissan Leaf

December 15th, 2023 by

Nissan of Fort Pierce 2023 Nissan Chill-Out Concept

Photo Source: NISSAN

The all-new Nissan Leaf electric vehicle will debut next year (2024). The compact electric vehicle is undergoing a comprehensive redesign to keep up with the new rivals of this era. Nissan previously announced the discontinuation of the Leaf, but then the automaker decided to bring it back with an entirely new design and an electrified powertrain. 

After declaring sweeping plans for an electric future, which will see the Japanese brand stop making internal combustion engine vehicles in Europe by September 2024, Nissan claims it will invest up to $3.8 billion to build three new electric vehicles at its Sunderland factory in the United Kingdom. While two of these three models will be all-new, one of them is the revamped Nissan Leaf, which will also be the first of the three electric vehicles to move into production.

Design Aesthetic

The replacement of the Leaf will be a larger SUV, and Automotive News Europe is reporting that Nissan’s Chill-Out concept from the 2021 model year will preview the electric vehicle’s renovated design. The Chill-Out concept is a vast departure from the current styling of the Leaf. It debuted with simple lines and smooth sheet metal. The coupe-like greenhouse gave it an athletic aesthetic enhanced by the large wheels pushed to the outer corners. 

The bold V-motion grille was nowhere to be found, but the lights and black frontal insert retained the shape. The back mimics the front fascia with black inserts housing the tail lights–two vertical and three horizontal units–and the Nissan word branding. It also had a bumper ornament for added contrast. One place where the concept will ultimately differ from the production model is the interior. The Chill-Out concept was all about relaxing thanks to autonomy, with the model lacking traditional controls and a large display dominating the minimalistic dash. That future is still many years away.

Layout of the Automotive Landscape

Leaf sales have hovered around 10,000 units for the last several years but have dipped through the first nine months of the year (2023). To that end, this is proof that the manufacturer needs to give the model a thorough overhaul. The electric vehicle landscape has changed tremendously since Nissan presented the Leaf for the 2011 model year. It arrived with up to merely 100 miles of range and glacial charging times, and there are numerous options available today. That said, the modifications to the automobile are methodical to better compete against the modern offerings in the market. 

According to sources, “Its batteries will come from Nissan’s cell plant, which is currently under construction. The new batteries (Gen5) will offer 30 percent more energy density than the current LEAF’s 62 kWh pack. It will help boost range to 239 miles (385 km).” Moreover, the Chill-Out concept is based on the CMF-EV platform, which the Nissan Ariya underpins. In fact, Nissan dealers were shown the new electric vehicles over the summer (2023), with one describing the new Leaf as a “mini Ariya.” It will also come outfitted with Nissan’s e-4orce electric four-wheel drive control system. 

Even though Nissan is bidding farewell to its pioneering small electric vehicle that kickstarted its electric car journey, the automaker plans to introduce the successor of the Leaf in 2024. If you are intrigued by Nissan’s ingenious concept, please come visit Nissan of Fort Pierce, where you can view everything Nissan offers. We are excited about helping our customers enjoy their shopping experience. Of note, we have a professional sales team that will make your buying, leasing, or selling needs easy for any of our new vehicle inventory. Are you considering a used vehicle? We have a whole lineup for you to choose from.