Technological Growth Brought Forth by Nissan’s e-4orce

September 29th, 2023 by

Nissan of Fort Pierce 2023 Nissan Ariya

Photo Source: NISSAN

Many times, marketing videos can be visually stimulating but lack substance, as is sometimes the case with the automotive industry. In Nissan’s latest press release, for example, the automaker announced that its all-wheel-drive and traction control systems in the Ariya earned the highly-esteemed Wards’ Top Ten Engines and Propulsions Systems award. That said, information regarding the inner workings of the system and the benefits surrounding it was scarce. This article delves into the details of the Ariya SUV’s e-4orce setup and why it is worthy of accolades.

The Motors of a Nissan Ariya

Nissan e-4orce is an all-wheel control technology based on a dual-electric motor setup. This technology provides a new level of control. As a matter of fact, e-4orce control technology is not a successor of one but an evolution of many. Electric vehicles deliver instantaneous torque, but with the more direct application of how much power arrives at each wheel, Nissan’s e-4orce unlocks the potential of a sportier-handling electric vehicle, one that behaves similarly or better than a conventional internal combustion engine-powered car with a mechanical all-wheel-drive system.

E-4orce’s control technology stands out from other electric vehicle all-wheel systems currently available. Nissan performed extensive fine-tuning to deliver precise performance that supports the driver’s intentions for an enjoyable drive under a vast array of conditions. The all-electric e-4orce system combines Nissan’s expertise in all-wheel drive–gained from developing the ATTESA E-TS torque split system for the Nissan’s GT-R and the Nissan Patrol’s intelligent 4×4 system–with over a decade of success in the electric vehicle market.

The Advantages of e-4orce

With the combined prowess of hydraulic and regenerative braking, the system maximizes traction during cornering by applying individual braking forces to slipping wheels. This permits better control over wet, slippery, icy, or even snowy pavement. Since Nissan e-4orce manages braking and power distribution, the system ensures maximum comfort by utilizing the front and rear electric motors to eliminate pitch and dive upon deceleration. This reduces cabin motion caused by stop-start driving in traffic, which could lead to motion sickness and the discomfort that would ordinarily be associated with driving over rough terrain. These are some of the crucial components that elevate e-4orce and, in turn, the Ariya above rivals such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Ford Mustang Mach-E. 

By strategically relying on the motor’s ability to accelerate and brake, the automaker can do more things than other electric vehicle manufacturers. In other words, by taking advantage of e-4orce’s precise motor control response, drivers are able to control vehicle motion as soon as the brakes are applied, giving all occupants–especially passengers–a smooth, stable ride. Similarly, if the driver happens to apply too much power or steering correction upon entering a corner, for example, e-4orce controls the output and points the automobile in the intended direction. Most notably, all of this occurs unobtrusively without the driver knowing it. The technology was precisely developed to function in the background and not disrupt the driver.

Easing into the Electric Transition

There are numerous benefits provided by an electric vehicle – especially when it comes to the new technologies they bring to drivers. Nissan’s e-4orce is an example of a cutting-edge system consumers will find in an electric vehicle. It carefully helps to control power and braking on all four of the wheels, meaning drivers can enjoy the electric experience while feeling that they are safely in control of the car.

Nissan’s e-4orce and the Ariya deserve the credit for being prominently futuristic in the age of the SUV. As such, please come visit Nissan of Fort Pierce for all your electric vehicle needs. Talk to our friendly staff at our convenient location and ask all the questions that make you feel like you have found just the right vehicle for your lifestyle.