Nissan’s Plans for a “Range Rover-like” Vehicle

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Nissan of Fort Pierce 2023 Nissan Armada

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The last time Nissan made significant alterations to the Armada was in 2017. Even then, that iteration was essentially the evolution of the Nissan Patrol, which existed for a few years elsewhere in the world. That bolstered sales of the vehicle, but by the 2022 model year, sales had returned to their pre-2017 level of between 10,000 and 15,000 units a year. 

Consequently, noteworthy modifications can be expected for the next generation to breathe new life into the SUV. Initial information is beginning to circulate about this, as well as regarding the future of other North American Nissan products. New reports suggest Nissan is considering a pivotal update to its North American lineup. The company’s United States dealers met in Las Vegas, Nevada, in August 2023 to learn more about automobiles in the pipeline, including the next-generation “Range Rover-like” Armada.

Nissan’s Future Commitments

Company CEO Makoto Uchida revealed to dealers that Nissan remains dedicated to providing a diverse range of powertrains. Even though many new electric vehicles are on the horizon, the internal combustion engine is not in jeopardy. Dealers were presented with a sneak preview of the replacements for the current Murano, Kicks, and Armada. Still positioned as Nissan’s most luxurious SUV, the next Armada will be “bigger and tougher” than the current generation. One dealer in attendance, preferring to remain anonymous, described it as “similar to a Range Rover.”

The next Armada will also drop the 5.6-liter V-8 engine that has served the vehicle for years and generates 400 ponies. As a matter of fact, it will give way to a twin-turbocharged V-6 engine that accelerates up to 424 horsepower, paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission. The interior is expected to display a richer environment, with the latest connectivity, larger screens, and the most up-to-date safety technologies. It is unclear as of this writing when the next-generation Armada will debut.

Alterations on the Horizon

Other news from the dealer meeting included the announcement that the automaker will launch 27 new trims worldwide by 2030, 19 of which will be all-electric. It is still being determined how many of those will be marketed in North America. It is worth noting, however, that one of them will be a sporty, small SUV intended to replace the Leaf. A performance sedan is also being assembled as a successor to the Maxima.

The company also intends to bring its series-hybrid drivetrain to the United States in the latter half of the 2020s. This drivetrain, known as e-Power in Japan, consists of an electric motor that powers the wheels and a gasoline engine that charges the battery pack. Several upcoming electric vehicles will utilize Nissan’s solid-state battery technology, which is currently being developed. While specific details are limited, one dealer mentioned that these batteries are thinner than conventional lithium-ion units and offer double the driving range.

The company is also keen to restore its image. As such, it wants people to select its products for the logo, not because they are in a given category or the most affordable vehicles on the market. Things will undoubtedly change at Nissan over the next few years, so please come visit Nissan of Fort Pierce. Whether you are purchasing a vehicle or looking to get your vehicle services from a team of trained service professionals that can help with an easy online appointment, we have always got you covered.

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