Nissan’s Endeavor with Batteries Solidly Enhances Electric Vehicles

November 10th, 2023 by

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Even though Nissan could be considered a modern electric vehicle pioneer, debuting the original electric-powered Leaf in 2010, two years before Tesla’s first Model S made it to the streets, the brand has remained relatively unchanged as an electric vehicle innovator. All that is about to change, however, with the launch of a modular component set that will allow the company to build electric vehicle and hybrid powertrains at a much lower cost and a plan to have electrified Nissan automobiles with all-solid-state batteries (ASSB) on the road within five years (2028).  

The Benefits of the ASSB Development Program

Nissan announced that all-solid-state batteries will triple charging speeds, double energy density, and cut production costs in half compared to current lithium-ion batteries. Complexity could be significantly reduced with all-solid-state batteries, as these batteries skip the liquid used in current lithium-ion batteries in favor of a solid electrolyte. 

Not only is that neither flammable nor volatile–bypassing the potential for involuntary battery ignition notorious in electric vehicle fires–the solid electrolyte also has higher temperature limits, which means all-solid-state battery-equipped cars can support higher sustained fast-charging rates. Kazuhiro Doi, corporate vice president of Nissan’s research division, emphasized the batteries have no temperature sweet spot, functioning well from “room temperature to 100C.” Moreover, since all liquid elements will be removed from the batteries, utilizing the new technology will also make it more feasible to launch large electric SUVs and pickup trucks.

Price Range

Cost advantages are unlocked by supporting a broader supply of anode and cathode materials, as they are less likely to experience side reactions with the solid electrolyte versus a liquid one. Not to mention, anode materials have higher energy density for more overall power storage. That means, Nissan predicts, the potential for twice the range in the same footprint as a lithium-ion battery. At least, that is the concept. Of note, Nissan is not the only automaker fine-tuning all-solid-state battery technology, although it is one of only a handful that has announced a particular roadmap for not only production but commercialization of the technology. 

For example, governments worldwide are subsidizing the development and production of electric vehicles and batteries. This could further help reduce the cost of all-solid-state batteries and make them more affordable for customers. To that end, the commercialization of all-solid-state batteries at a cost-competitive price would have a massive impact on the electric vehicle market. As it stands, electric vehicles are currently more expensive than gasoline-powered vehicles, but this is primarily due to the cost of the battery. Reducing the cost of the battery would make electric vehicles more cost-effective and would accelerate the adoption of such vehicles. In 2024, Nissan plans to launch a pilot plan for all-solid-state battery production. As mentioned, by 2028, the manufacturer intends to present its first electric vehicle using all-solid-state batteries.

The First Automobile to Rely on ASSB

When pressed for details about the first production vehicle application of all-solid-state batteries, Kazuhiro Doi said little, stating, “I hope to make the next announcement very soon.” Nonetheless, based on the components of the battery, it is unlikely to be related to current models. A completely new architecture is necessary, which is precisely what Nissan showcased at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. For the time being, though, abandoning lithium-ion batteries is impractical. As a matter of fact, lithium-ion and all-solid-state batteries will likely coexist for a while.

That said, the commercialization of all-solid-state batteries will have a major effect on the electric vehicle market. If you would like to follow Nissan’s venture of making electric vehicles more attractive to buyers by providing quicker charging times, longer range, and improved safety, please come visit Nissan of Fort Pierce. It is worth noting that we can help sell your current vehicle or bring it back to life like new with an online service appointment to our service center. Allow our professional technicians to get started on all repairs or maintenance work.

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