Nissan Presents a Concept Car as a Man-Made Force

November 10th, 2023 by

Nissan of Fort Pierce 2023 Nissan Hyper Force Concept

Photo Source: NISSAN

Nissan presented the GT-R R35 production model 16 years ago at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. Rebranded for 2023 as the Japan Mobility Show, various all-new creations stood out at the event, and one of them was the Nissan Hyper Force Concept. Following hot on the heels of the previous four Hyper studies, one of which debuted each week since the beginning of October, it is the final installment of the series. 

The concept might provide a window into the future of the venerable Godzilla. Indeed, Hyper Force is a superb electric vehicle with extremely aggressive styling, featuring butterfly doors and a large rear wing. Moreover, Nissan envisions the Hyper Force as an all-electric vehicle designed for both gamers and racing enthusiasts. In fact, it is supposed to come with an augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) driving experience. 

The augmented reality and virtual reality experiences blend together when the car is stopped, as the driver can use a special helmet that allows them to play video games. Furthermore, the Hyper Force features autonomous driving and has a hyper LIDAR with an array of sensors said to have been tuned for sports driving. 

A Peek at Future Possibilities

For the sake of accuracy, Nissan does not explicitly state the all-electric concept is an R36 preview, but the quad-round tail lights and silhouette are telltale signs the Hyper Force has GT-R DNA throughout its lightweight construction. As a matter of fact, the red and white illuminated blocks at the front are a dead giveaway that it is a futuristic interpretation of Nissan’s flagship sports car. From afar, the pixels look like an intentionally blurred-out GT-R logo.

The dramatically styled body has canards and electrically operated vents in the front fenders, while the rear hosts a massive wing resembling a pared-back Batmobile. The doors facing the sky are large, as is the rear diffuser keeping the Hyper Force glued to the road. Riding on forged carbon wheels, the Hyper Force looks straight out of science fiction, and if a production iteration is planned as the next GT-R, it will likely be significantly toned down. 

Styling Cues

As for the interior, the driver must feel like they are sitting inside a computerized gaming case with a plethora of LEDs. To clarify, Nissan has envisioned the concept as a track-focused machine, hence the windscreen wiper in the center of the windscreen. Therefore, it sacrifices the round steering wheel in favor of a racing wheel. The driver and passenger sit on angular seats with spectacular lateral support and what appears to be a carbon fiber shell. 

The Hyper Force has two driving modes, one of which is the R or the racing mode that bathes the cabin in red light and extends panels on the dashboard toward the driver seat to enhance the feeling of being in a cockpit. Meanwhile, in GT or grand touring mode, all the screens and panels glow blue and move away from the driver seat, focusing more on cabin comfort and infotainment. By the way, if the vehicle’s panels, cockpit, and graphical user interface strike enthusiasts as familiar, that is because Nissan designed them in collaboration with Polyphony Digital Inc., the developer of Gran Turismo.

Propelling the Sports Car

The Hyper Force is lauded as having solid-state batteries and 1,000 kilowatts, which works out to a colossal 1,341 output. Nissan claims the electric supercar boasts the company’s e-4orce system, enabling all-wheel drive courtesy of front and rear motors. Other specifications have yet to be announced, albeit the head-up display shows nearly 200 miles per hour in one of the official images. It is unclear as to when the R36 will hit the streets. 

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