Nissan Moves Full Steam Ahead with Ambition 2030

October 13th, 2023 by

Nissan of Fort Pierce 2023 Nissan Concept 20-23

Photo Source: NISSAN

Nissan is forging ahead on its transformative journey toward a fully electric lineup in Europe. In a move to stay aligned with regulatory objectives and global trends, the automaker declared in September 2023 that it is still dedicated to achieving 100 percent electric vehicle (EV) adoption in Europe by 2030, with all new Nissan models in the region now being exclusively electric. The announcement solidifies automotive production targets to worldwide net-zero agendas and signals international net-neutrality efforts as the primary driving force shaping automotive manufacturers’ objectives. 

Nissan’s Push for Electrification

With its established capacity to design, engineer, and assemble vehicles in the United Kingdom and leveraging the brand’s expertise in crossover vehicles and electrification, the push for transition will cement Nissan’s pursuit of carbon neutrality. As a matter of fact, Makoto Uchida, President and CEO of Nissan, commented, “EVs are the ultimate mobility solution. More than a million customers have already joined our journey and experienced the fun of a Nissan electric vehicle, and there is no turning back now.” Electric vehicles powered by renewables are key to Nissan achieving carbon neutrality, which is central to the automaker’s Ambition 2030 vision.

Celebrating Anniversaries

Nissan’s unyielding commitment coincides with significant milestones for its European Design and Research and Development (R&D) teams, marking historic anniversaries as they advance innovative work on state-of-the-art technology and future vehicles. For example, the company debuted the Concept 20-23, a sporty and urban electric vehicle concept near Nissan Design Europe (NDE) in Paddington, London, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nissan Design Europe’s establishment. 

Then, at the Nissan Technical Center Europe (NTCE), where the Nissan Research and Development team commemorates its 35th anniversary this year (2023), the United Kingdom is hosting the latest real-world autonomous driving study dubbed evolvAD. This study focuses on residential and rural roads and is supported by the government of the United Kingdom.

The carmaker emphasized these initiatives are part of an ongoing investment program exceeding $42.4 million across both sites. The program includes enhancements to design tools, resources, building facilities, additional staffing at Nissan Design Europe, and the launch of new facilities and technology.

The Future of Electric Vehicles

Under the Ambition 2030 framework, the brand is introducing 27 electrified vehicles across the globe, encompassing 19 pure electric vehicles, by 2030. During this period, it is also implementing cobalt-free technology to reduce the cost of electric vehicle batteries by 65 percent by the 2028 fiscal year. The manufacturer’s ambition extends to launching electric vehicles outfitted with solid-state batteries by the 2028 model year. The introduction of solid-state battery technology will allow Nissan to enhance performance and broaden its electric vehicle portfolio. 

Of note, an official statement claims solid-state batteries will reduce charging times to one-third and improve electric vehicle efficiency and accessibility.  Moreover, Nissan anticipates that solid-state batteries will bring down the cost of battery packs to $75 per kilowatt-hour by 2028. Not to mention, two upcoming Nissan electric vehicles have been confirmed for Europe. One is a compact electric vehicle that will succeed the emblematic Nissan Micra as the entry-level automobile in the lineup. The other will be assembled at Nissan’s groundbreaking United Kingdom plant in Sunderland.

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