Nissan Looks Toward the Future with Concept Cars

December 1st, 2023 by

Nissan of Fort Pierce Nissan 20-23 Concept

Photo Source: NISSAN

Nissan recently lifted the veil on an exhilarating and new all-electric concept car the brand dubbed the 20-23. Designed by Nissan’s talented team at its United Kingdom studio, the 20-23 aims to bring fun, sporting character to the world of electric vehicles. The dramatic, angular styling takes inspiration from the cutting-edge Formula E electric racing series and the online gaming scene. With its massive rear wing, flared arches, and scissor doors, the Nissan 20-23 concept focuses on delivering an athletic, performance-oriented aesthetic unlike anything seen from the automaker in recent years. 

The 20-23 represents an ambitious styling statement from Nissan as it seeks to inject more emotion into its lineup. The bold, avant-garde design language proves it has the ingenuity to compete creatively with other brands and create showstopping concepts. Even though it is unlikely to reach production completely unchanged, the radically styled 20-23 sets goals for Nissan’s next-generation lineup. Enthusiasts eagerly anticipate if the upcoming, next-generation Micra production car can retain even a fraction of the concept’s flair.

Styling Cues

The most striking elements of the concept are the wide, flared wheel arches at the front and rear, lending the 20-23 a crouched, athletic stance. The large rear wing also cannot be missed, reminiscent of Le Mans racers with its angular dual elements and supports. Scissor-style doors add to the concept’s performance aura when open, creating a stunning reveal. The overall shape follows a conventional three-door supermini footprint, but the details are anything but traditional. There is not a curve in sight, just triangles, creases, and trapezoids. 

To that end, sources indicate that the “round headlights are specifically designed to contrast the body’s geometric and angular design. These slim LEDs are split through the center and incorporate the turn signals in the same cluster.” Building the concept on a normal hatchback platform likely helps rein in development costs, but the Nissan Europe design team’s experience crafting the stylish, lovable Micra ensures this concept’s daring aesthetic works as a cohesive shape. 

Advanced Capability

Even though particular specifications remain under wraps, the design elements offer a glimpse into its performance potential. Indeed, the Concept 20-23 explores the notion that even if a vehicle is small and energy efficient, it can be thrilling to drive. For example, the sharply sculpted two-seater plays off the oval LED running lights from the Nissan Z, along with aerodynamic upgrades like a rear diffuser, a front splitter, and side sills. It also has a good-sized spoiler on the top of its rear hatch. In line with its hatchback design, the concept boasts superior aerodynamic features with skirts directing airflow away from the car’s front, cooling the brakes through numerous vents. 

From the side, pronounced wheel arches housing large wheels and low-profile tires display the car’s robustness. The arches have vented louvers sitting above extended skirts to diminish air resistance. Their curvature terminates at the lower door, with angular intersections outlining the airflow outlets. Matching angular cuts on the rear wheel arches facilitate rear brake cooling. 

The back of the Concept 20-23 presents a prominent single-piece spoiler seamlessly originating from the roof rail, uniquely designed not to hinder rear visibility—a common issue in many sports cars. Like the front, the rear lights are semi-circle LEDs juxtaposed with squared shapes, enhancing downforce and optimizing airflow. A horizontal bar beneath a soft smile outlining the hatchback accentuates the rear’s design.

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