Nissan Looks to Phase Out its Iconic Leaf Model In Lieu of a Modern Alternative

July 7th, 2023 by

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Nissan is saying goodbye to its groundbreaking compact electric vehicle (EV) that marked the beginning of its electric car venture. As the Leaf electric car is gradually being retired, Nissan is gearing up to unveil its successor in 2026. The Nissan Leaf once claimed the mantle of being the best-selling electric vehicle. Its debut in 2010 swiftly garnered attention as the inaugural mass-market electric car in the United States, outpacing the Tesla Model S by a span of 18 months. Boasting a commendable range, appealing price point, and comfortable interior, the Leaf swiftly became a cherished choice among consumers.

Nevertheless, in the last ten years, nearly every automotive manufacturer, ranging from emerging startups to well-established brands, has introduced their own electric vehicles featuring enhanced designs, advanced capabilities, and extended driving ranges. To exemplify, the Leaf has faced difficulties in matching the rapid proliferation of electric cars from companies such as Tesla and General Motors, among others, in recent times. Consequently, the Leaf has witnessed a decrease in sales over the years. Indications suggest that the automaker has no plans to unveil a next-generation version of the Leaf.

Upcoming Nissan EVs

Instead of undergoing a redesign for the Leaf, Nissan is preparing to manufacture a contemporary electric vehicle that aligns with buyers’ preferences for the 2023 model year. It’s important to highlight that, despite introducing another mass-market electric vehicle named the Ariya, Nissan never intended for it to directly succeed the Leaf. There are conjectures suggesting that the Japanese automaker could potentially replace the Leaf with a coupe-style crossover, reminiscent of the “Chill-Out” concept showcased by Nissan in 2021. This concept portrayed a stylish and cutting-edge design. However, it’s anticipated that the production version will exhibit a slightly less futuristic appearance.

Battery Usage

Nissan recently shared with the United Kingdom’s government committee on battery manufacturing that the successor to the Leaf is slated to commence production in 2026. The initial manufacturing hub for this new vehicle will be Sunderland, leveraging Nissan’s existing production facility in the United Kingdom. Concurrently, the company maintains its commitment to achieving a substantial portion of its production to be centered around electric vehicles by the year 2028. Additionally, Nissan’s collaboration with Envision AESC is anticipated to encompass the provision of batteries from the forthcoming battery manufacturing plant operated by Envision AESC.

Nissan’s Future

The upcoming successor to the Leaf is expected to adopt the CMF-EV platform, a component of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. This platform is currently utilized for the Nissan Ariya model. Considering that the Ariya is classified as an SUV, it suggests that Nissan is aiming for a larger direction with the Leaf’s successor. This move aligns with the prevailing trend of increasing demand for larger electric SUVs and crossovers, prompting automakers to compete in the realm of larger electric vehicles. Curiously, as the Leaf approaches its discontinuation, it will leave a noticeable gap in the market for affordable, compact electric vehicles.

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