Nissan Conceptualizes a More Rugged SUV

October 28th, 2023 by

Nissan of Fort Pierce 2023 Nissan Hyper Adventure Concept

Photo Source: NISSAN

The end of October 2023 brings forth the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo. As expected, carmakers headquartered in the country will make the best of the event and bring the finest products in their portfolio to the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center. The latest addition to Nissan’s roster is the Hyper Adventure SUV concept, a rugged electric 4×4 that not only promises off-road capability but presents groundbreaking vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology that could redefine how electric vehicles interact with the grid. 

The Intrinsic Functions of the Hyper Adventure Concept

Dubbed the Hyper Adventure Concept, the zero-emissions show car comes after the Hyper Urban Concept and features a pair of traditional front doors as well as a pair of butterfly rear doors. Nissan’s Hyper Adventure Concept delves into the future of electric vehicles. While some current electric vehicles support vehicle-to-load functionality, enabling them to power small devices, the V2X technology in the Hyper Adventure takes things to a new level. It envisions an electric vehicle’s high-capacity battery becoming an integral part of the national grid. 

To clarify, this means selling surplus electricity back to the grid during peak demand or ensuring a constant power supply to a household during blackouts, ultimately enhancing energy infrastructure dependability. Moreover, V2X technology shines in remote areas, providing sustainable energy solutions and flexibility while respecting the environment. 

It is worth noting that the Japanese automaker does not disclose the capacity of the high-voltage battery, but–as mentioned–it does claim that its V2X capability means it can export power to everything from a simple kettle to make a hot cup of tea, to a home (via vehicle-to-home, or V2H) and even to the grid, via vehicle-to-grid (V2G). 

The Overall Aesthetic

Design-wise, the Hyper Adventure has “dynamic body panels that express activity” and a front spoiler that redirects airflow through it, increasing aerodynamic performance, Nissan claims. All four tires, as well as the front and rear bumpers, are outfitted with crampons to help the car maneuver snowy areas with ease.

Regarding the cabin, the instrument panel is connected to the bottom of the windshield and serves as a screen with a wide field of view, while the seats are a combination of cloth upholstery and straps. There is also enough space inside for outdoor equipment like skis, tents, or even a kayak, Nissan announced, even though concrete dimensions were not provided. 

That said, the Hyper Adventure Concept is not merely about technology. It is designed for adventurers as well. The vehicle boasts a swiveling rear seat bench, offering a unique configuration that permits passengers to exit through the tailgate utilizing retractable steps. Meanwhile, on the outside, the SUV emphasizes aerodynamics with a sloping roofline and a Kamm-style rear end. Nissan’s e-4orce all-wheel-drive system is integrated for improved traction in challenging terrains.

With Nissan, the Future is Now

The concept signals the brand’s dedication to sustainability, innovation, and cutting-edge design. While not all the characteristics of this concept might directly transfer to a production car, they reflect Nissan’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with electric vehicles. In addition, the manufacturer declared that it will digitally unveil two more concepts before the Tokyo show and exhibit all four vehicles together starting October 26, 2023.

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