Nissan Ariya Strengthens its Lineup Courtesy of e-4orce

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Nissan of Fort Pierce - 2024 Nissan Ariya

For the 2023 model year, the Nissan Ariya introduces two battery capacity alternatives: the foundational 63.0-kWh pack or a more expansive 87.0-kWh variant. Opting for the former, the Ariya e-4orce delivers 335 horsepower, while selecting the larger battery elevates the output to 389 electric horsepower. Additionally, the latter configuration generates an impressive 442 pound-feet of torque. Notably, it’s worth highlighting that very few other electric vehicles offer the combination of a smaller battery pack with all-wheel drive, providing Nissan with a distinctive edge in this regard.

Exterior Perks

No external alterations have been made to the exterior design that would suggest the augmented power. Nevertheless, the faux grille positioned at the front of the vehicle bestows the Ariya with a distinct fascia. This grille serves the dual purpose of providing the vehicle with a recognizable front profile, ensuring the protection of the various sensors, and providing a contrasting canvas for the illuminated Nissan logo. The sleek body possesses a poised style that is both elegant and assured, drawing a lineage that traces back to the significant inaugural Murano model.

Smooth Riding & Handling

While it might appear that the Ariya carries the spirit of an electric GT-R within its family-friendly façade, courtesy of its high-performance power output, this vehicle stands out as one of the most composed and stable electric options for drivers. The acceleration pedal delivers power consistently and smoothly, devoid of the frenzied surge observed in some other electric variants. Admittedly, this might lend the Ariya an air of measured swiftness, but its prowess truly shines when navigating on-ramps, where the Nissan’s true capabilities come to the forefront.

A GT-R connection is indeed present. Nissan has incorporated the knowledge gained from the iconic ATTESA all-wheel drive system into the e-4orce setup of the Ariya. This entails the dual-motor configuration constantly monitoring available traction across all four corners, finely adjusting the outputs of the front and rear motors, while also managing the front and rear brakes. Even on a simulated wet test course, the system’s workings become palpable, as it adroitly redistributes power and adapts brake usage to ensure the Ariya remains steadfast in its intended path. On well-maintained roads, it undeniably delivers a comfortable and reassuring driving experience.

Advanced Tech

Similar to numerous other electric vehicles, the Ariya takes advantage of regenerative braking. This feature offers two distinct settings: the e-Step pedal can be activated or deactivated. However, Nissan has capitalized on the presence of a motor on each axle. Through distinctive e-4orce tuning, the Ariya maintains its balance during deceleration. Moreover, the electric SUV is equipped with a range of technology-enhanced comforts that users are likely to appreciate. Notably, ProPilot Assist 2.0 is introduced in the American market, making its debut on the Ariya model.

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