Does Nissan Have an Electric Pickup in the Works?

July 11th, 2023 by

Nissan of Fort Pierce - 2023 Nissan EV Interior

Nissan finds itself in a favorable position to capture the light-duty pickup truck market while evoking its robust legacy. Notably, Nissan has previously ventured into the realm of electric trucks, exemplified by the EV4 prototypes and the Rich EV 6. However, the availability of a production-ready variant for the United States market remains in the realm of speculation. In February 2022, the Japanese automaker unveiled a strategic initiative to inject $500 million into its Canton, Mississippi manufacturing facility.

As previously mentioned, the brand introduced two all-electric EV4 prototypes and the Rich 6 electric pickup vehicle, both of which are not available for purchase in the United States. The company has yet to unveil an electric pickup for Western markets. The latest addition to their lineup, the Rich 6 electric vehicle, was developed in collaboration with the Dongfeng Motor Company.

Interestingly, despite being manufactured at Nissan’s Zhengzhou factory, each truck bears the Dongfeng badge. This instance isn’t the first time a renowned automotive manufacturer has undertaken a trial venture into foreign markets. Designed in response to China’s ambitious zero-emissions strategy, it appears unlikely that this specific truck will ever carry the Nissan badge.

However, the endeavor of constructing an electric pickup truck comes with a multitude of challenges. Take into consideration the substantial weight of batteries, juxtaposed with the necessity for the truck to possess the capability to tow and transport hefty cargo loads. Additionally, electric motors don’t exhibit the same ruggedness as their internal combustion engine counterparts, a particular concern for off-road capabilities. Not to mention, an extensive driving range is imperative to access remote work sites.

Interestingly, Nissan has effectively addressed many of these quandaries with the EV4 (Experimental Electric Vehicles) that it introduced back in 1971. The duo of prototypes, namely the EV4-P and EV4-H, took the form of pickup trucks, encompassing motors and batteries encased within lightweight, fiberglass-reinforced plastic bodies. The EV4-P could travel up to 188 miles, while the EV4-H boasted an impressive maximum range of 308 miles.

Evidently, Nissan possesses the innovative spirit, research prowess, and technical proficiency to craft a robust electric vehicle. Moreover, as demonstrated by the futuristic “Surf-Out” concept unveiled in 2021, they possess a flair for innovative design ideas. With a resolute commitment from company management to introduce 19 new EVs by 2030, Nissan’s potential for electric vehicle development is undeniable. Nevertheless, as of the 2023 model year, the reasons behind Nissan’s reluctance to embark on the electric pickup truck venture remain unknown.

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